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The FEDME Nature Access Committee | The FEDME Scientific Mountain Advisory Board

Set up in 2006, the purpose of the Nature Access Technical Committee (CTAN in its Spanish acronym) is to promote global activities that affect the various regional federations, in accordance with the guidelines drawn up by the Nature Access Committee together with FEDME’s Board of Directors. Although the members of the Committee meet every three months to coordinate and distribute their various duties, they remain in contact throughout the year to promote forums for discussion and to spread the word regarding the stance adopted by the mountain sports sector on various issues.


Functions traditionally carried out by the Committee include the following:

  • Calling meetings and writing up the minutes.
  • Drawing up documents that are of interest to the regional federations.
  • Negotiating with public authorities at state level.
  • Offering the regional federations support and advise in dealing with public authorities at the level of the autonomous community.
  • Coordinating communication between the different regional federations.
  • Working together with the Scientific Mountain Advisory Board to coordinate and organise activities.
  • Preparing seminars and conferences both for representatives from the federations and also as a joint enterprise with other types of organisations or administrations.
  • Drawing up the annual reports for the Nature Access Committee from the reports of the regional federations..
  • Monitoring the legislation enacted at state or regional level on environmental issues.
  • Updating the Nature Access section of the website.
  • Encouraging representatives from the federations to meet together with Governing Bodies and Trustees from Protected Nature Areas.


The members of this Committee are José María Nasarre, member of the Board of Directors responsible for the Nature Access Department and coordinator of the Scientific Mountain Advisory Board, Juan Jesús Ibáñez, Access Secretary and President on the Nature Access Committee of the UIAA (International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation), Pedro Millán and Antonio Joaquín Sánchez, Pau Pérez, member of the Board of Directors -FEDME, Fernando Lampre and Lázaro Mediavilla.


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