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The FEDME Scientific Mountain Advisory Board

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The FEDME Nature Access Committee | The FEDME Nature Access Technical Committee

The Scientific Mountain Advisory Board (CACM) was set up in 2003, when the International Year of Mountains came to a close at the end of 2002. It is made up of a team of experts specialising in various issues relating to the environment, sports and other disciplines associated with mountains and rural areas.

It acts as an advisory board to FEDME and the regional federations by proposing technical and scientific criteria to deal with one of the challenges currently facing the mountaineering world today: the ability to go on having free access to mountains, while endeavouring to preserve their own playground and culture, through adherence to attitudes and values that are typical and traditional of this community.

 The Board meets regularly, organizes bi-annual conferences on science and mountaineering, responds to regulatory proposals from ministries and conducts studies on subjects linked to FEDME.


The Board’s main objectives are as follows:

  • To advise the clubs and federations on all aspects linking conservation of mountain regions with the practice of mountain sports.
  • To advise the Nature Access Committee whenever an expert opinion is called for with respect to the regulations, plans and technical studies affecting conservation of  mountain regions and the sustainable development of mountain sports.
  • To offer their support to the Nature Access Technical Committee in the implementation of its duties as “mountain watchdog”, through the detection and analysis of any problems that might arise in the mountains and affect mountaineering.


 The Members of the Board are as follows (July 2016):

Chair: José María Nasarre Sarmiento.

Secretary: Juan Jesús Ibáñez Martín.

Águila Guillén, Manuel (Region of Murcia), BSc in Biology.

Alba Moratilla, Antonio (Principality of Asturias). Agricultural Engineer.

Aldalur Zendoia, Igor (The Basque Country). BSc in Environmental Sciences.

Allueva Torres, Pedro (Aragón). PhD in Psicology.

Amat Segura, José Ignacio (Comunity of Valencia). BSc in Physical and Sport Activities.

Ariño Vila, Xavier (Catalonia). PhD in Biology.

Ayllón Navarro, Iñigo, (Aragon). BSc in Law.

Ayora Hirsh, Alberto, (Aragon). Colonel of Spanish Army.

Bravo Domínguez, Pedro (Madrid). BSc in Geography.

Brito de la Fuente, Adrián (Canary Islands). Telecommunications Engineer.

Carrasco Jiménez, Pedro (Region of Murcia). BSc in Criminology. PhD in Law.

Del Valle Melendo, Javier, (Aragon). PhD in Geography.

Espona Vila, José, (Aragon). BSc in Biology and MSc in Environmental Engineering.

Ferrís Gil, Carlos, (Comunity of Valencia). BSc in Law.

Giménez Martínez, Lázaro, (Region of Murcia). BSc in Education. PhD in Pedagogy.

Gómez Bolea, Antoni, (Catalonia). PhD in Biology.

González del Valle, Bárbara, (Madrid). BSc in Journalism.

Guerrero Casado, José (Andalusia). PhD in Biology.

Ingléz Yuba, Eduard, (Catalonia). PhD in Physical and Sport Activities.

Lampre Vitaller, Fernando, (Aragon). BSc in Geography.

Lozano Ordóñez, Pablo, (Andalusia). BSc in Environmental and Marine Sciences.

Luque Valle, Pablo, (Andalusia). PhD in Physical and Sport Activities.

Mediavilla Saldaña, Lázaro, (Madrid). PhD in Physical and Sport Activities.

Moscoso Sánchez, David, (Andalusia). PhD in Sociology.

Nasarre Sarmiento, José María, (Aragon). PhD in Law.

Nerín Rotger, María Antonia, (Aragon). PhD in Medicine.

Nilsen de la Cuesta, Ingrid, (Madrid). Forestry Engineer and BSc in Environmental Sciences.

Notario Perea, Pedro J., (Comunity of Valencia). PhD in Law.

Pérez de Pedro, (Catalonia). BSc in Geography and Geology.

Ruipérez González, María, (Castilla la Mancha). BSc in Environmental Sciences.

Samsó Pericón, Laura, (Catalonia). Telecommunications Engineer.

Sánchez Gutiérrez, Javier, (Andalusia). Forestry Engineer.

Sánchez Hernández, Alberto, (Castilla and León). Civil Engineer.

Sánchez Sanz, Víctor, (Comunity of Valencia). PhD in Physical and Sport Activities.

Sanmiguel Cervera, Darío, (Comunity of Valencia). BSc in Medicine and Surgery.

Santori López, Agustín, (Principality of Asturias). Agricultural Holdings Engineer.

Tárraga Poveda José, (Region of Murcia). PhD in Law.

Turmo Arnal, Antonio, (Aragon). BSc in History and Geography.

Zapata Hernández, Vicente Manuel, (Canary). PhD in History and Geography.vv


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